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I’m Tanja Is, an artist and bee tender loving life in Bollsta, Finland. I create eye-catching illustrations and tell vivid stories about mysterious things. 


My work is playful, bold and feminine, with the single-minded intent of creating a more open and compassionate world. That is why I choose to work solely with sustainable and regenerative businesses. 



Do you feel the need to do things differently, to jazz things up? I’ll create captivating and vibrant illustrations with a feminine twist or I can help you tell your story in a different and engaging way as part of your branding concept. 

Get in touch!

For experimental work go to


Some of my clients:

  • Bun2Bun
  • Vapaus Bikes
  • Mpakt
  • Wolva
  • Alku greens
  • Queen Kombucha
  • Raseborgs Gröna | Raaseporin Vihreät
  • Riimikko


  • Vargjakten 2022
  • Kuun Kukkia
  • Kuru kohtaa kummia
  • Tyra Ohyra får en vän | Tuire Tavaton saa ystävän
  • Eldon, tarina synkeästä kärpästä
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